Gubicza facing Mulliniks in 1985 ALCS

1985 American League Championship | Ep 2

The 1985 American League Championship Series

1985 ALCS | The Blue Jays hold a commanding 3 Games to 1 lead over The Royals in what is now a 7-game series for the first time in League championship series history.

But what could possibly go wrong for the Blue Jays?

Mark Gubicza of the Royals and Rance Mulliniks of the Blue Jays look back at this gut-wrenching 1985 American League Championship that launched The Royals to their miraculous 1985 World Series Championship.

Read up on the series on Wikipedia to brush up on your history.

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  1. garygft
    garygft · January 17, 2019

    In listening to Rance and Gubicza while recording our podcast, I was reminded of what can make sports compelling entertainment-players who ache to win and are tormented by a loss. I think you can hear both in this podcast. Those feelings may diminish over time, but they do not vanish. That is one beauty of a sports rivalry-the contest mattered then and matters now.
    Gary Thorne

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