Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry | Ep 3

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In 1978, the Red Sox blew a 14-game lead to the Yankees and the teams ended up in a one game playoff for the division title.

That season and that playoff game are major blocks in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, one of the most enduring in sports.

The Yankees’ Lou Piniella and Boston’s Fred Lynn played against each other that year and you are about to discover some insights into that year, that playoff game and this rivalry from two legends of the game.

Who clocked Fred in the head in an earlier brawl between the two teams?

What was the tension in each clubhouse that year?

How do they feel about playing in NY and Boston-is it tough for players?

How deeply embedded are the memories from that season for each player?

Fred and Lou did not hold back.


Read up on the series on Wikipedia to brush up on your history.

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