Reporters | Adamson vs Coakley | Ep 12

As sports reporters, it is all about getting the story.  That is no easy task when you are surrounded by others who want the same thing from the same people and want it now.

You are about to hear from two women who took on the rivalries not only for the stories, but also for the jobs that are so sought after in sports coverage.

The Sports Reporters

Ashley Adamson

Ashley Adamson has been a reporter and host for the Pac-12 Network since 2012, primarily covering the conference’s football and basketball schedules.  That job is part of a career in sports television that goes back to 2008 and includes coverage of just about every sport and doing so as an anchor, reporter and host.  

She has covered NASCAR, Indy Car, the NBA and the NFL.   

Jeané Coakley

Jeané Coakley has followed a similar journey.  Jeané is the beat reporter covering the New York Jets for SportsNet New York (SNY) since 2009.   She and Ashley have literally been at the same career path at times and they will tell you how that happened and led to an ongoing friendship.

Jeané has also covered the gamut in sporting events, from high school sports to the Brickyard 400 to the Super Bowl. 

How valuable was working from the ground up to these reporters?  They will each tell you why they believe that ladder was an important one to climb.

The Rivalry

All of this has been done by women in what for so long was a field dominated by men.  You will hear their candid comments on what that journey entailed and where they believe we are today on this front.

Who were the mentors for both reporters when it came to women in sports?  How difficult was it for Ashley to take over a position held by Jeané at an Indianapolis TV station?  What changed in their mind set regarding their work when they married and became mothers? 

You are about to hear of an adventure by two women who chose a path less taken and found that path to be a journey they would not have missed.  In doing so, they have become trail blazers in their own right.


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