AFL | Flores vs Maguire | Ep 30

AFL | The friendship derived from a rivalry can be amazingly close and long lived. Such is the case with our two guests today. Their rivalry came in a league that no longer exists, but one that transformed professional football.

The American Football League (AFL) played for ten years beginning in 1960. The AFL competed so successfully with the NFL that it forced a merger in 1970.

AFL Players

Paul Maguire and Tom Flores are 2 of only 20 who played in the American Football League for its entire 10-year existence. Flores was a quarterback for the Bills and Raiders and is the 5th leading passer in AFL history.

Tom Flores

He went on to a highly successful coaching career in the NFL, leading the Raiders to two Super Bowl wins – 1980 and 1983.

Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire was a linebacker and punter for the Chargers and Bills in the AFL. He played in 6 of the 10 AFL Championship Games. Following his playing days, he became a nationally recognized network television broadcaster, a career that lasted 46 years.

Flores and Maguire met on the football field, but their friendship has taken them around the world.

Did they really meet at the bottom of a tackling pile-up? Did Flores maneuver his offense not around, but at Maguire?

Smile. This rivalry comes with a lot of stories embellished with laughter. Flores and Maguire were football rivals and their lifelong friendship only enhances those football memories. Fortunately for us, we get to listen in and share the joy derived from their passion for the game and the life that went beyond.

Celebrate rivalries. Celebrate friendship. Celebrate Paul Maguire and Tom Flores.

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  1. Tammy McDole · January 19, 2021

    This was great and could have/should have been longer! It is such a shame that the younger people just really know nothing about the history of the AFL and what it did for the NFL and the great men that played in the “other league” and I am with Tom the HOF needs an AFL wing!! I think every player in the league should know the history of those that cam before them… from the 50-60-70-80’s… the men that built this league!

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